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[TCML] Current Limiting Reactors 4 $ale

If you need an ideal way to ballast your PT or PIG driven coil  - or an X-ray Tranny -  I have a few solutions:

2 ea. 15 KVA Airco/Temescal Saturable Reactors - $625 ea.

1 ea. Willick 15 KVA Neon Bombarder Slide Choke - $600

...and for those on a tighter budget and a bit mor "DIY" minded...I can supply a basic kit for a slide choke - save for the HAPTZ (or wire of your choice) for about $150 - which includes iron lams, Iron SIdebars,  Phenolic for the square tunnel, endbell insulators, and split aluminum endbells (so as to prevent making a "shorted single turn" secondary) - some basic instruction will be offered.

...and for the really really budgeted, DIY crowd - I have two pre-machined laminated iron cores - all pre-assembled and ready to go to work in your coil. These are $60 ea appx 2.5" square x 17" long. I can offer instruction on fabricating a masonite or phenolic coil form too....

Holler at  me if interested...

Jack King - 801-604-5136

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