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RE: [TCML] Tuning idea

While the idea of live-tuning is attractive, I think that building a variable cap as you suggest has two problems.  First is that it would have to be rather large to achieve enough capacitance to be useful.  Second, a single cap would suffer heavily from corona.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Hi all
> ive had an idea about tuning: instead of using a variable
> primary tap, and
> having to cut power change tap position and reapply power
> etc, etc, why not
> use a variable tank capacitance... a high voltage trimmer
> cap coulg be made
> out of any flat sheet material (hard disk platters cut in
> half?) and placed
> in paralell with the tank cap. tuning could be done while
> powered up and
> would be as simple as turning a wheel... you could also keep
> the coil in
> tune as spark length/capacitance to earth increases as arcs
> are drawn off.
> is this a new idea or has some one allready thought of it in
> the past and
> put it in the "couldnt be bothered" corner?
> ben

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