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transformers, MMC capacitors, primary Delrin holders (fwd)

I stock the following:
pole xmfrs, 14.4 kV, 10 kVA     can be removed from oil for lighter
shipping --- you put in Walmart plastic tank.
MMC capacitors, Cornell-Dublier brand, 0.15 uF, 2 kV
machining Delrin primary coil holders from WalMart cutting boards.
Will soon have DRSSTC driver boards, micro-processor based, multi-purpose
type to drive PowerEx CM600, CM1200, and CM2400, for high performance
solid state TCs.  Presently under development.
I'm also in the process of finishing up our dual MOT coil which we hope
to present at our annual TeslaFest (aka Lightning on the Lawn), to be
held this year, 2 PM - 11 PM, Sat., Sept. 8th. 
If you need any of the above, contact me off-list.
Dr. Resonance
Resonance Research Corp.