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Re: Marx Generator (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 20:17:45 +0000
From: David Rieben <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: Marx Generator (fwd)

Hi Ed, DC, all,

Yes, I'd also have to reflect Ed's skepticism about the 1868-
1871 dates for Tesla's first resonance transformer arrival, as this 
would have put Tesla in his mid to late teens! He was born on July 9 
or 10, 1856. The reason for the ambiguity of the exact birthdate is be-
cause he was apparently born around midnight on the night of July 
9th. Tesla never even came to the US (which is where he made 
virtually all of his contirbutions to the electrical sciences from) until 
around 1884 when he went to work for his future arch-nemisis 
Thomas Edison. Tesla's "wheels were already turning" back in Europe
prior to his US arrival but his ideas were still unknown to the rest
of the scientific community until after his US arrival. It is my under-
standing that he got his first patent on his resonance transformer 
around 1891. I believe he first publically displayed his "Tesla" coil 
at the1893 Chicago World's Fair? 

I'm needing to refresh on Margeret Chaney's "Man Out of Time" ;^)
David Rieben

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> Subject: Re: Marx Generator (fwd) 
> The Plante version was 1883. Tesla did his first resonance transformers 
> around 1868-1871, and Erwin Marx produced the first large commercial Marx 
> apparatus in 1924. By 1930 Steinmetz (at Gen. Electric) was using them to 
> solve transmission line and insulator problems on 3 phase systems. 
> Resonance Research Corp. 
> www.resonanceresearch.com" 
> Are you sure about those Tesla dates? What is the source? Sound almost 
> 20 years too early to me. 
> Ed