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Re: New guy questions (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 16:17:09 EDT
From: Mddeming@xxxxxxx
To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: New guy questions (fwd)

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tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

>3) Best place to score some Cornell Dubilier caps for an mmc:  does the Geek
>Group really sell them? to non-members? Should I try eBay  or another source?

Geek Group may still sell them.  eBay is a  possibility, but make sure 
you're getting the right kind.  You can  also just order them from a 

Hi All,
     the Geek Group, a non-profit, educational  organization, found it 
imprudent to continue to market the CD caps to the  coiling community several years 
ago, due to overhead costs and cash  crunch of maintaining large inventories, 
and dissatisfaction with the  alternative of long lead times,.
Matt Deming
GG Board Member  

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