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Re: Vegas pole pigs can't take the heat (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 14:47:06 -0500
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Subject: Re: Vegas pole pigs can't take the heat (fwd)

Probably old xmfrs, possibly degraded oil, being pushed too hard thermally.

In Phoenix, it is 115-117 right now and those xmfrs seem to be holding 
up --- only a few failures,  They upgraded all xmfrs to new units in 2003 so 
they are not old.

Dr. Resonance
Resonance Research Corp.

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Subject: Vegas pole pigs can't take the heat (fwd)

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> Subject: Vegas pole pigs can't take the heat
> Hi all,
> Although this is not directly Tesla coil related, I thought that
> some of the collective knowledge of this list would be able
> to address this question, assuming that the moderator fore-
> bares to let this through. I noticed in the recent news that some
> of the pole transformers in Las Vegas were failing and catch-
> ing fire, supposedly due to the increased demand of running
> A/Cs. My question is that although 116*F is a bit warm, even
> by Las Vegas summer standards, Las Vegans (including their
> local electrical utility) are certainly no strangers to triple digit
> summer temperatures and I would think that the A/Cs are go-
> ing to be running a plenty whether it's 116*F or "only" a more
> typical 105*F.? I can see where the entire power grid, as a
> whole, would be under additional strain due to above average
> temperatures, but not the individual pole transformers, at least by
> that much. We coilers talk all of time about how pole pigs are built
> very robust and can easily handle 2 to 3 times their nameplate rating
> for short duty cycles and can even be ran like 50% above their
> nameplate rating continuously. It sounds to me like the said trans-
> formers in Las Vegas may have been a bit underrated to begin with and/
> or they may have been toward the end of, or even past their useful life
> cycle and the current heat wave may have been the "straw that broke
> the camel's back". Any more qualified comments?
> David Rieben