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1 gap rotary spark gap (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 16:16:16 -0400
From: Scott Bogard <teslas-intern@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: 1 gap rotary spark gap

Hey all,
     I'm sure this has been done before by somebody somwhere, but I got an 
idea.  Could one build a spark gap, that consisted of a single gap between 
two stationary electrodes, with a disk, an insulator, that spun between 
them.  the disk would have holes in it allowing the gap to arc occasionally, 
as the holes passed the stationary electrodes.  Would there be any advantage 
to this design (my thinking is that a single gap would lead to (slightly) 
higher efficiencies, and if one could find a very thin but strong insulator, 
it would be very easy to build).  Just felt like potting that out there.
Scott Bogard.

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