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Re: Eye of Sauron

Original poster: "Teslacoil Workshop" <workshop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Very cool Peter.... Telsa coils are fun but when the "art" happens... that
is magic!

Crank it up... how fast can you get it to spin? Nick Ritter from our group
took an umbrella skeleton and connected it up to an old wind up phonograph.
He placed it on the SG36-TC (the 30kVA coil we used to power the Microsoft
XP logo) and we fired it up!

We had lots of fun spraying twenty footers all over the insides of the
building (Southwest Marina in San Pedro, CA - a very popular place to film
for decades. Many movies and television shows were shot on this industrial
dock set (parts of it functioned as a working dry-dock facility until it
closed down for good last year). The last movie to film there was "Gone in
60 Seconds" and "Fear Factor Season 6" was the last television show.

We wished we could spin the umbrella faster but we had "work" to to and time
ran out on our fun.


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> Original poster: "Peter Terren" <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I have made an interesting effect which I have dubbed the Eye of Sauron.
> Basically streamers radiate from a 5 foot rod on top of the toroid as
> a very long breakout point. Streamers extend from the end of the rod
> for another 2 or 3 feet. Not particularly interesting so far.  But
> rotate it with a battery operated motor and take 22 second exposure
> and you have a 15 foot circle of streamers looking like an eye when
> viewed from above.
> Peter