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Re: spark gap noise suppression

Original poster: "Todd Reeve" <todd.reeve@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

That's exactly what I was thinking. Well, I'll give 'er a go and post my results.

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Subject: Re: spark gap noise suppression

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> Has anyone ever tried to make things a little quieter when running your
> coil?
     This was standard problem/issue in early wireless stations.

> I was looking at the muffler on my central vacuum unit and it has a
> muffler that quiets the unit by about 50%.  Borrowing from that idea,  I
> was thinking about building a box lined with some type of foam with
> openings on each end.
     Commonly, in the old days, the gap was enlosed for sound
     suppression, especially when high poweres were used.
     Sometimes 'in its own room'.

     A point to Ponder is that many sorts of foam are Highly
     Flammable.  (cf the Station Night Club fire.)  I'd be
     real careful, in picking.  Perhaps 'fiberglass insulation'?