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Re: Tesla/BL Re: Ball Lightning from high-amp discharge

Original poster: <davep@xxxxxxxx>

> Too bad that, once again, any photographic evidence of the "anomaly"  is
> missing from the record.
     Welllll.  8)>>
     The plates may be out there, somewhere, and
     a single pic may well not have added much, and
     (delicate matter):
     Note that the pix of Tesla and Ailey  (?) sitting 'under
     the discharge' are Trick Photos.  Double Exposures.
     Pictures may or may nt mean what the seem to mean.

     Perhaps having the description (some earlier descriptions
     of the set up are more detailed) of how is more important
     as a guide.

>>    Found it/them.
>>           Comments to Plate XLI, p 369, 3 Jan
>>           Longer than I remembered.
>>          (Plate XLI, itself, is not present...)
>>          Editorial comments by Marincic, p 431