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Re: Information Unlimited VTTC yields eight-foot streamers (wa Re: Really big VTTCs)

Original poster: "Steve Ward" <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>

Seems businesses of this type often make claims based on what they
*think* they can build, whether or not they have actually made the
product is questionable.  So they probably have made some VTTCs with a
foor or 2 of spark, but figure it should just scale up to 8 feet.

Steve Ward

On 1/26/07, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: "J. Aaron Holmes" <jaholmes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Somebody should check up on the folks at Information
Unlimited from time to time ;->  They sell a tube
coil, and below the description they make this
[unsubstantiated] claim:

 >From http://www.amazing1.com/tesla.htm:
"We also have built coils using 304TH, 450TH and
parallel 2500TH's with a full 5000 watts of plate
dissipation. This coil produced spectacular hot
flaming arcs up to 8 feet with 8 kw input."

Eight feet from any VTTC seems pretty much unheard of,
although I don't know anything about the 2500TH.  You
would think such an accomplishment would be documented
somewhere, though.  Then again, the general feeling I
get from the TC'ing community is that IU coils and
plans are to be regarded with some skepticism...

Aaron, N7OE