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RE: VTTC grounding issues...

Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Brett,

> Perhaps I should include a baffle inside the secondary
> form anyway, just beyond the furthest point the plange
> reaches after the secondary has been plugged in.

I am sure this can't hurt...

> In another issue, I noticed you glued an
> anti-flashover ring on top of the primary form, just
> above the feedback coil.  I think I will include that
> in mine, since I have decided to test your extreme
> separation of feedback and primary hypothesis.  Didn't
> you say you had a flashover problem between the top of
> the feedback coil and the middle of the secondary for
> a while?

If you could dig up those posts of mine from last year, they will explain in
detail, but I noticed that the arcing to the grid coil only happened when
the polarity of the grid coil was a certain way. I also found the direction
that the coils were wound made a difference. There is also certain settings
on the staccato control that seem to cause or promote flashover. The ring
will protect your grid coil in these cases.