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RE: VTTC grounding issues...

Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>


> If you could dig up those posts of mine from last
> year, they will explain in
> detail, but I noticed that the arcing to the grid
> coil only happened when
> the polarity of the grid coil was a certain way. I
> also found the direction
> that the coils were wound made a difference. There
> is also certain settings
> on the staccato control that seem to cause or
> promote flashover. The ring
> will protect your grid coil in these cases.

Great, I have already made an 8" diameter lexan ring
to go on top of the primary/grid form, I just need to
drimmel out the 4" circle in the middle to admit the

I did read quite a few of your posts from '06, but
there were a few, including an excellent responce from
John Freau discussing primary impendance changes and
their effects on efficiency, that I can't seem to
locate again.  I should have bookmarked them, or
written down the thread subject titles.  I'll find
them again.  I'm planning on eventually getting all
that stuff saved in a text file to use as a vttc
reference that might be useful to beginners and vets
alike, along with the vttc faq as well.


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