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RE: Looking for tungsten for rotary gap

Original poster: Nick Andrews <nicothefabulous@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Hal,

You might try electrodes like the ones Jeff Mullen had in his coil at the WWT. They were the electrodes from Lincoln welders used in the spark gaps of HF arc starters for TIG welders. I think he said they were about $32 per 4 of them. I imagine Miller welders have something similar.

Nick A

> Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 20:49:09 -0700
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> From: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Looking for tungsten for rotary gap
> Original poster: coils@xxxxxxxxx
> Hi Hal,
> I don't have any available, but I can recommend a supplier if you want to
> buy some.  I have purchased a few rounds of electrodes from them.
> http://www.diamondground.com/
> Newburry Park, CA
> my contact there  is Tommie Serrano
> you will have to fax them a spec drawing
> The last time I bought some was in may '05, they are .250" od x 1" green"
> with a ground chamfer on both ends.  Those set my back $17.90.  I also
> bought some .5" od x1" with chamfer that were $24.00.  They are all still
> in service in my gap, which was last run at close to 6kva.  A little
> discoloration from the arcs, but very minimal wear.  Besides my cap, they
> are the most expensive element (no pun) in my coil, but well worth it.
> Good luck,
> Thad
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