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Re: Looking for tungsten for rotary gap

Original poster: coils@xxxxxxxxx
Hi Hal,

I don't have any available, but I can recommend a supplier if you want to
buy some.  I have purchased a few rounds of electrodes from them.

Newburry Park, CA
my contact there  is Tommie Serrano
you will have to fax them a spec drawing

The last time I bought some was in may '05, they are .250" od x 1" green"
with a ground chamfer on both ends.  Those set my back $17.90.  I also
bought some .5" od x1" with chamfer that were $24.00.  They are all still
in service in my gap, which was last run at close to 6kva.  A little
discoloration from the arcs, but very minimal wear.  Besides my cap, they
are the most expensive element (no pun) in my coil, but well worth it.

Good luck,