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Re: Flat coils & undamped waves (was Wire Length)

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

. . . The most pathetic single part is the inventory of Wardenclyffe which includes "one submarine boat". He was a very proud man so how it must have hurt him to see that taken by the foreclosure!!!!!!!!!! . . .


The oral history of the Wardenclyffe wireless plant includes an account of this remote control boat having been carried up to Long Island Sound by some kids where it was placed in the water and sunk! As for the idea that Tesla was being deliberately obtuse when he gave the 1916 interview, I don't buy into that for a moment.


P.S. I want to appologize for getting snippy towards you in my pervious post. "

No offense taken - Tesla provokes strong feelings in some of us and controversy is one of the common themes of this group! As for the boat, where is that account to be found?

I don't think Tesla was being deliberately obtuse in his testimony but he sure was vague on subjects which he should have remembered vividly after relatively few years. I've referred particularly to his references on frequency; having designed a number of low-frequency transmitting antenna systems over the years I can still remember the operating frequencies and all of the difficulties of designing loading coils and ground systems for "electrically short antennas". Can't help but make me wonder if he sometimes confused "what was with what should be", something I'll cover in a separate note. I've known guys who were so convinced of their abilities and knowledge that, to them, a mere idea was no different from an accomplished fact. I've always suspected Tesla falls into the same category; probably most of us do when dealing with subjects we feel we understand completely.