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Re: Flat coils & undamped waves (was Wire Length)

Original poster: "Gary Peterson" <g.peterson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
. . . As for the boat, where is that account to be found?

In this thread; this is the first time it has been published to my knowledge. I heard the story from Lee who heard it from a colleague with the L.I. Wireless Historical Society in Sayville.

. . . Tesla . . . sure was vague on subjects which he should have remembered vividly after relatively few years. . . .

The 1916 interview was conducted by Tesla's own legal counsel in the form of a three-day Q&A session. The transcript was never intended for publication. The primary concern was to protect Tesla's patent interests. Tesla did speak about operating frequencies in general, but information about some exact frequency used on a specific day would have been essentially meaningless.