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Re: signal generator suggestion

Original poster: "resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm going to the Univ. of AZ auction in Tucson the first week of Feb. I can usually score some sig gens for around $60-$70 range that are in good condition.

Check back with me around Feb. 12th and I may have something for you.

Dr. Resonance

My signal generator (really a tape drive calibrator that I got at a government auction) bit the dust and I am looking for a replacement. We will be having our big hamfest here in a couple of weeks so I will go hunting. Does anyone have any suggestions for frequency range or models? I am not wanting to spend a lot and see some quite reasonable on ebay. I figure 100KHz to 1megHz would be fine for Tesla work. Since I haven't finished a coil yet not sure if this will cover it.