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VTTC grounding issues...

Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>

Steve, John, Cameron, and other tube coilers...

I was wondering how you guys routed the ground in your
VTTC secondary, tank circuit, and feedback/grid leak?
Can I just use one low impendance cable which snakes
around to every grounded area and then connects to my
RF ground? (the same one I've used successfully on my
meduim sized SGTC projects)

I finished the wooden base for my VTTC today.  As soon
as I glue on the feet and 3" flange for the top I will
try and upload some pics.  I am using a modefied (I
cut off some excess plastic so the 6" primary/feedback
former could slide over) 3" PVC flange so I can leave
the bottom of the secondary uncapped and it will
pressure fit over the flange.  I can then quickly
change out secondaries in the same system and try out
coils with varying Fo in the future.  This leads me to
another ground related question.  I was thinking of
drilling a small opening  next to the base of the
secondary to route the bottom end safely out of the
upper tier of the base (my base is 2 level much like
Steve Ward's single 833 base).  I should be safe from
flashover since the voltage at the bottom of the
secondary is at its lowest point.  Am I sound in my
thinking here?


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