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Re: Really big VTTCs

Original poster: "resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks for these suggestions.  I will check them out.

Dr. Resonance
A quick scan of eBay shows lotsa choices, both used, or new with warranties. One of them is even starting at $1.00! The matching sockets are also there as well, some for as little as $25.00. The H3 version doesn't even need a socket -- it has flying leads.
Eimac 3CX10,000A7 Linear RF Power Amplifier Tube 8160 : 290073180762
NEW!!!! EIMAC/VARIAN 3CX10/000B7 AMPLIFIER TUBE : 160077347739
Eimac 3CX10000H3 3CX10,000H3 RF Vacuum TUBE : 140076841087
I've read that the tetrodes are a little less convenient, but still usable by connecting the grids:
Used very good Eimac 4CX5000 Tested : 110082360349    (starting at $1.00)