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RE: My VTTC fun begins...

Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>


> I saw the other post about the grid leak
> resistance... Man, in my
> experience, 2k is way small... I have best results
> with 12.5k. I use two of
> these in series:
> ---4inch-dia----type-150r-2556.htm
> This is real good price for these and they are
> really hard to find.
> Talk to you later,
> Cameron

Hey, the nice thing about those is that they are
variable too, so they could be adjusted to accomodate
a variety of tube types and coil configurations.  I
plan on getting my hands on a few vacuum caps as well
for that same purpose.  I would have a coil that could
be rapidly tweaked to try out new tubes.

There is a hamfest coming up I believe Feb 25, which
is usually huge and has tons of components available
for cheap, plus you can trade and haggle.  If that
doesn't yield the resistors I need, I will order those
rheostats.  A months is just a long time to wait when
I have every other component I need.  We'll just have
to see how it goes.  Thanks for the info.


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