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Re: Ball lightning in lab reported // movie clip also

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

Hmmm, another thought.  If anyone has a welder (etc.) which can produce
the incandescent glowing blobs which Robert Golka's battery bank
then another thing to test would be to produce the blobs inside a
microwave oven ...then nuke them!  The Brazillian physics group
isn't aware of Corum's claim that TC leaders can "inflate" a drifting
Lightning.  And they might not be aware of hobbyist experiments with
microwave ovens and electrodeless plasmas:

Bill, you always get me thinking.....thanks.

Here's a thought or two along your line: A simple carbon arc lamp with the electrodes pointing at an angle downward, say about 45º. After you strike the arc, and adjust the electrodes as far apart as possible, raise a pyrex bowl filled with water up to them( I don't know how many have a 'lab jack' for such a purpose, but I've them. The crazy person who tries this might want to add some salt to make the water conductive. Perhaps one could just touch the surface of the water to the electrodes...or get really close and have that high current travel right across the surface. I have NO idea if this would work, but it would be simple to try. A second possibility could be similar, but using a grounded metal pan. While working on electrochemical processes at the research lab a few years ago, I came across an article about 'single electrode electoplating'. This consisted of a HVDC supply who's electrode was suspended a small distance above the surface of the electrolyte which used corona as the positive electrode. This produces hydrogen peroxide as the positive half cell reaction. In this case simply the metal pan would be the negative. As this is going....bring a small TC that is not throwing off streamers near the setup. Perhaps a combination of these would bring forth some interesting results. Who knows? I might just have to try it. The small TC could be connected to a metal plate about the same size as the the metal pan to create a nice oscillationg electric field.

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