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HV/HF without sparkgaps.

Original poster: "Michal Lukac" <michal.lukac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

My problem doesn't relete direct to TC but it has very in common.

I'm building a circuit for HF HV arc starter for welding machine. It works on the same principle as the TC. HV powersupply, spark gaps, caps, and the output transformer. One difference is the output transformer. It has a very low turns count on the primary and the secondary. about 10 turns prim. and 15 turns sec.(There is a big current in the sec. winding because this winding is in series with the torch.) I built one: similar to this:
or http://thompdale.home.comcast.net/tig_controller/tig.htm
All the same principle. Output transformer can have ferite core or not.(two concentric coils.)

It works, but I would like to remove the sparkgaps if it is possible. I thought, I could connnect the output transformer direct to HF/HV power supply.
But it doesn't work.:-(
I created this HV/HF power supply: http://www.danyk.wz.cz/zdroj_vfe.html and connected it to my output transformer. I used the output transformer with the core from TV FB trans.
A few turns (5) on one side and few (10) on the sec. side. and It doesn't work.
One think I need is to get HV and HF (sparks at least 5mm long). on the sec. side of the output transformer.
Please could anybody help me please and to show me the right way?

thank You very much for help.