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Re: Tricked Out Microwave Oven

Original poster: Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

At 09:58 PM 1/20/2007, you wrote:
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Is it possible to change the duty cycle of a regular Microwave Oven, so that the maximum output power is increased beyond the maximum that can be set by the controls?

Most microwave ovens run at 100% duty cycle when at full power.

They run on half wave rectified AC (actually, it's a voltage doubler, but essentially, the tube is still "on" for only half the AC cycle).

(At least for standard transformer style microwaves.. the new inverter ones are different).

I guess I need to find a microwave oven schematic, and figure out how a magnitron works, and all that stuff, but maybe there is some ingenious soul here; who might just share the answer.

Google for it. The electronics repair FAQ has tons of info on microwave ovens, as does Wikipedia.

I am pondering research into a microwave amplification device based upon Tesla resonators, standing waves, and constructive interference. I want to modulate the frequency of microwave emissions.

You know, of course, that frequency modulation of microwave transmitters is not a particularly unusual thing?

And, as far as needing a lot of power, you should be able to demonstrate your ideas at any power, unless you are depending on some inherent power based nonlinearity.