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Re: Tricked Out Microwave Oven

Original poster: David Speck <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


The usual operating mode for MWOs that I'm familiar with is already "full power". Some of the ovens I've owned can be run at less than full power by periodically interrupting the transformer current.

However, I suspect that the magnetron tube typically runs at only a 50% duty cycle, because a typical voltage doubler circuit puts out a pulsating DC output voltage which swings from 0 volts to 2X the input voltage on every 60 Hz cycle. I suppose that you could get higher power out of the tube if you added a beefy 4KV DC filter cap across the doubler output. However, I doubt that the magnetron would survive long at double the input power, nor would the HV diode in the doubler survive long if called upon to provide double the time averaged output current. MWOs are tightly engineered to absolute max tolerances on all the components to minimize production costs. You could probably combine two MWO voltage doubler circuits running 180 degrees out of phase, followed by a filter cap, but you would still have the limitation of the power handling capacity of the magnetron. Perhaps if you were lucky to find one of the old battleship grade Amana RadaRange or Litton MWOs, there might be more room in the specs for performance boosting. Given the chintzy wire and toy-like components in the current production Sanyo, Kenmore, and similar ovens that I see in the junk after only a year's use now, I doubt that you could push them much further.

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Is it possible to change the duty cycle of a regular Microwave Oven, so that the maximum output power is increased beyond the maximum that can be set by the controls? I guess I need to find a microwave oven schematic, and figure out how a magnitron works, and all that stuff, but maybe there is some ingenious soul here; who might just share the answer.

I am pondering research into a microwave amplification device based upon Tesla resonators, standing waves, and constructive interference. I want to modulate the frequency of microwave emissions.

Cheers !