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Re: Tricked Out Microwave Oven

Original poster: G Hunter <dogbrain_39560@xxxxxxxxx>

> ...ADAM...?...anyone..?..
> Is it possible to change the duty cycle of a regular
> Microwave Oven,
> so that the maximum output power is increased beyond
> the maximum that

It is possible but not without substantial
modification of the oven.  If you examine a microwave
oven schematic, locate the power transformer, HV
diode, HV capacitor, and magnetron.  Those four
components are really the heart of the oven.  All the
other stuff--the relays, safety interlocks, blowers,
fuses, and timer electronics are just support.  The
xfmr, diode, and cap form a simple half-wave voltage
doubler whose output is a train of -DC pulses--around
neg. 5kvdc@60pps--applied directly to the magnetron
cathode.  To my way of thinking, this is 50% duty
cycle and represents the max possible output of the
oven on the "high" setting.  The only way I can think
of to boost the output of the maggie is by using a
full-wave voltage doubler.  This would require more
diodes & caps, and possibly a second xfmr.  Given the
shoddy, cheap parts found in 95% of microwave ovens, I
doubt the maggie could handle any more power.  It is
probably already running at its limit as-is.  By all
means gut a discarded oven some day and study the
various components--its a useful lesson.  Most ovens
have a schematic pasted inside the jacket as well.
You will probably find it very difficult to increase
the power any.  You will also notice the amazing
cheapness of construction and the cutting of every
possible corner in both parts and assembly in order to
save a few pennies.  Mass-produced ovens are obviously
a "cost-sensitive" application!


> can be set by the controls? I guess I need to find a
> microwave oven
> schematic, and figure out how a magnitron works, and
> all that stuff,
> but maybe there is some ingenious soul here; who
> might just share the answer.
> I am pondering research into a microwave
> amplification device based
> upon Tesla resonators, standing waves,  and
> constructive
> interference. I want to modulate the frequency of
> microwave emissions.
> Cheers !
> Miles

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