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Re: Duncan Cadd on Tesla Coils

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

He shows that a Van de Graaf generator and Tesla coil operate on the same concept, but with the Tesla coil replacing the Van de Graaf's moving belt with a sinusoidal AC current pushing the charge up to the topload capacitor and the secondary serving as equipotential rings.

Just thought I'd share this if anyone is interested

Chris Westland"

He may show it but "it ain't so"! Very interesting site, particularly his home-made quenched gap. Having contemplated making one many times I see that he put about as much effort into it as I figured it would be. Fortunately I picked up a real WW1 surplus quenched gap which works really great on a small coil. Lot of good reading here although, even though I'm a shooter myself, I didn't care for the picture with the semiauto.