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Duncan Cadd on Tesla Coils

Original poster: westland <westland@xxxxxx>

I came across a brilliant essay on the wireless transmission origins and explanation of the workings of a Tesla coil at http://home.freeuk.net/dunckx/wireless/wireless.html . Cadd (a research chemist by trade) puts the development of the Tesla coil into context, tracing the development of early radio, spark-gap transmitters, tank circuits (so-called because you put the coil and caps in an oil filled tank) and dual resonant tank circuits for transmission. He shows that a Van de Graaf generator and Tesla coil operate on the same concept, but with the Tesla coil replacing the Van de Graaf's moving belt with a sinusoidal AC current pushing the charge up to the topload capacitor and the secondary serving as equipotential rings.

Just thought I'd share this if anyone is interested

Chris Westland