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Dare to be Square

Original poster: Dan Williams <coilerdude@xxxxxxxxx>

Well I wound my first secondary last nite, (I am ashamed to say I bought my first on ebay) I built a 2 1/4" square lexan form and wound it up in about an hour. At first I got nothing, then I built a new primary on a 4" form. Once I got the coupling right and got rid of the NASTY primary to secondary strikes I milked 8" streamers out of it.

Plan on trying different shaped secondaries, call it my artistic side, can't help myself.

Thanks to John and Brett for their words of encouragement and for the 813 info, I'll be following in Brett's wake on an 813 coil, it may take me a while as I am quite strapped for ca$h but I am a great scrounger and trader, usually end up getting what I need!

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