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Re: Tesla ray gun

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Several years ago, I was hit in the back by 4 to 5 ft streamers
from my old Medusa coil (similar to the Green Monster but not
quite as large). It was quite shocking and scared the crap out of
me but was not just excruciatingly painful. It was a SG type coil
with its primary circuit driven by a 10 kVA pig and an 83 nFd
capacitor. It was not turned all the way up as it was capable of 9
to 10 ft sparks at full power. Since I was wearing shoes, the elec-
tricity did exit out the side of my shoes to the concrete and that was
not very comfortable, either ;^o It lasted probably .5 to 1 se-
cond before it "let go" and/or my natural reflexes made me jump
away from it! I was not harmed but, needless to say, quite shaken
up and I certainly have no interest whatsoever in replicating that
event! ;^0

David Rieben

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> Original poster: "Drake Schutt" <drake89@xxxxxxxxx>
> Yes, as I recall, last season on Future Weapons (discovery channel)
> they featured a variety of 'less than lethal' weapons including a
> tesla coil.  It appeared to be a SSTC (drsstc? i dont really know the
> difference) in a black container about the size of a duffel bag.  I
> think it had part of the seconday protruding and a VTTC type
> topload.  It produced about 4' purple streamers and looked pretty
> frightening.  I think they said it was more of a psychological
> weapon, because it actually wouldnt shock you.  Is this true?  If I
> recall SSTC's run at lower voltage and higher amperage than
> SGTC's.  What kind of a sensation would a small to medium sized coil
> produce?  Anyone alive to tell about it?
> thanks,
> drake
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> In the latest issue of Discover magazine (Feb. 2007) there is an
> article on future weapons that have been talked about for many
> years.  One section is on Ray Guns.  Here is a quote from the article:
> "Companies like Ionatron and Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems have
> developed competing zap guns.  Both weapons use pulsed lasers to
> create a conductive path in the air away from the gun's barrel and
> then use a simple Tesla coil to generate a painful bolt of
> electricity.  Both rifles are the size of a briefcase, weigh 25
> pounds, and can shoot electricity wildly at 12 feet or consistently
> at 4 feet.  Occasionally, the flashing purple discharge kicks back
> and lashes the bejesus out of the poor guy holding the gun."
> Ed Sonderman