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Re: Electromagneticly shielding components( help )

Original poster: William Beaty <billb@xxxxxxxxxx>

On Sun, 14 Jan 2007, Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "JT Bowles" <jasotb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I am wondering if placing a sheet of steel directly underneath the
> top of the base(above the top is the primary) will atleast hinder the
> electromagnet field reaching the drive circuit. Or, will this sheet
> just waste vital energy from the primary field?

Try touching a good solid ground which is next to the battery terminals.
If you still get a 1/2" spark, then the terminals are not the source of
the signal.  Instead, it's caused by you: your body must have a high AC
voltage caused by capacitve coupling between yourself and the toroid.  If
you can draw sparks from ground, then the cure is either to wear rubber
gloves or to not touch the terminals.

But if it's not coming from your body, well, metal shields are the most
effective for high impedance circuitry.  But for low impedance circuitry
like power supplies, you need to improve the filters which are placed in
the connections between the noise source and the power supply.  If huge
signals are getting past your filters, a metal shield isn't going to make
much difference.  But if your filters really do kill all of the directly
coupled noise, then metal shields can remove the remainder.

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