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Re: MOT Voltage Amps ?????

Original poster: Tim S <stm800@xxxxxxxxxxx>

i too also just salvaged 2 old  MOT's one a 900 watt and 1200 watt from older
non rotatable ovens.
both ovens worked fine they were just old maybe late 1980's.

scraped everything out good HV diodes and magnets from the magnetrons


Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: gary350@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have salvaged 2 microwave oven transformers. Does anyone know the
aproxomate voltage and amps on this transformers.

I have a VOM but it quit working. The meter was setting on the disk
about 15 ft from my TC. I was running my coil for a while then later
I tried to use my meter and it won't work anymore. Hummmm........???