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Re: MOT Voltage Amps ?????

Original poster: tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi, Ted L in NZ

The answer in my view is notall that straght forward

A standard MOT is magnesticvally shunted (like an NST) so the  load match
plays a big part in the O/P current yoo will draw.

You will perhaps note that in service a MOT sees a capacitive load (tunes ot
the L) In my view the figure that matters is what current can be delivered
into the capacitor (Cp) at the peak of the cycle (normal AC design) my
experiments suggest 3 Amps pk from  a MOT is possible.

In DC designs where the MOT is only being asked to deliver current at the
peak of the AC cycle for a very short period the O/P indcutrance of the MOT
(about 6Hy) becomes very important as it presents a high reactance and
severely impact he ability of a MOT to deliver the peak currents required.
In my view it is necessary to conjugate match MOT's in DC designs to
overcome this,. Hope to carry out some experiments in this mode soon

Good luck Ted L (PS MOT's are leathal care)

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> I have salvaged 2 microwave oven transformers.  Does anyone know the
> aproxomate voltage and amps on this transformers.
> I have a VOM but it quit working.  The meter was setting on the disk
> about 15 ft from my TC.  I was running my coil for a while then later
> I tried to use my meter and it won't work anymore.  Hummmm........???
> Gary
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