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RE: ARGH!!: broken wire

Original poster: "Dr. Spark" <azdrspark@xxxxxxx>

If it were me, I would start over. Only reason I say this as it happen to
me with this medium size coil @ http://www.drspark.org/igbt_fullbrige.htm
After a week of winding at night after work, ¾ into the wind with 31 AWG
on a 6 inch plexy form about 18 inches into the wind pop?broke the wire. I
jumped up and held down the wire and just sat there and could not believe
what just happen. Went into the house and thought about it, should I
remove a small amount of varnish and overlap the ends a few mils and
solder and keep going? Hmmmmm, almost done. But after a few hours I
decided to remove all the wire and start over and just did not want to
take a chance for flashover and have to look at the repair and wonder for
the next 10 years if I should have just started over.

Christopher @ http://www.drspark.org

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Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

I've never wound a coil with wire fine enough to break, but I imagine
you can sand off the varnish and solder it (silver solder??) then
coat it with a nice insulating varnish.  A slight imperfection
shouldn't hurt too much.   I'd think using it near the bottom would
probably be better so it would be less of a spot to cause a breakout.

Original poster: Frosty <frosty90@xxxxxxxxx>

while winding a new secondary, the wire broke about 2/3 of the way
up!! whats the best thing to do? if i join it is it best to have the
end of the secondary closest to to the join as the base (ie closest
to the primary) or use that end as the top to put the toroid on (it
will be about 1.5" above the end of the coil..), also whats the best
way to join the wire?
thanks for any help,

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