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Re: Antonio de Queiroz' TESLASIM program

Original poster: "resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

What is the exact internet location for "TeslaSim"?

Dr. Resonance

Just another thought on TeslaSim.  You've not included anything concerning
rotary spark gaps in the program.  Ideally, it's my understanding that the
dwell time of the spark should be half of the duration initial envelope of
the resulting energy transfer between primary and secondary.   This
generally seems to be faster than most synchronous rotary gaps that I've
seen on the various sites can acheive, but my guess is that with changes
to the tank circuits and geometry of the coil, you could extend (with very
low coupling coefficients ... maybe 1% to 5% judging from your program's
outputs) these into the range that a 3600 rpm motor with 12" disk could
acheive.  Any thoughts on this?

Chris Westland