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Fw: Tesla List - Micro Wave Oven Transformers

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Subject: Tesla List - Micro Wave Oven Transformers

Having seen your posting on TESLA LIST
I would be most grateful if you could explain something that puzzles me about M.O.T's

I have dismantled 3 microwave ovens now and do not under stand what the 6 turn secondary coil is for. In all the ovens it has red high temperature insulation and seems to put out about 3--6 .

The last M.O. I dismantled I promised myself I would trace the wiring and see where it went .... but, because I was under pressure get the job done and the evidence disposed of before the wife returned home , I forgot to check, again! I have not gained enough experience in HV supplies etc. yet to use The MOT ... still playing "safe" with ignition coil power sources!

Funny note: ( an example of "two nations separated by a common language" - Winston Churchill) I was most confused by the use of MOT for microwave oven transformers when I first started looking at Tesla stuff, here in England it is a very common abbreviation meaning Ministry Of Transport Test - the annual test cars over 3 years old have to have done and the certificate is referred to as the MOT.

Than you in advance for a reply
James Howells

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