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Re: Fw: Tesla List - Micro Wave Oven Transformers

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Subject: Tesla List - Micro Wave Oven Transformers

Having seen your posting on TESLA LIST
I would be most grateful if you could explain something that puzzles me about M.O.T's

I have dismantled 3 microwave ovens now and do not under stand what the 6 turn secondary coil is for. In all the ovens it has red high temperature insulation and seems to put out about 3--6 .

Filament power for the cathode of the magnetron. In the usual microwave oven, the magnetron (which is like a diode) has the anode at ground potential (because it sticks into the waveguide) and the cathode at high voltage. For what it's worth, this is pretty common with microwave power tubes.. TWTs work the same way. It needs a high voltage insulated winding (which is what that insulation is about) because it's at 4kV or so, relative to ground.