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Re: Tesla and Amateur Coilers WAS: Veeper website

Original poster: <davep@xxxxxxxx>

>>company Tesla kept were that of high society.

> Which high society?
     Stylish people with money.  cf any biography.
     Monied people can provide support.
     (The comment that the press accounts as to Tesla's
     Social Life may be a tad 'selective' is well made..)

>>Plus, most of us amateurs only build Tesla coils for the arcs.

> Maybe most of you...  Most people in the world think it is
> a device to make sparks/ arcs...  Some of us realize that
> it is a device which is part of a larger machine...

>>building the true Tesla coil which employs 3 coils.  So, who built the
>> first big Magnifier?
     Nikola Tesla?
     I'm thinking Bob Gulka(sp?): Wendover coil?

> What is the 3rd coil for?
     cf the Colorado Springs Notes.
     I'm assuming the extra coild described therein is what
     is meant.

>  Channeling/ guiding/ aiming the electrons?
     I'd not so describe it.  Seems tobe an impedance matching
     device, more or less analagous to a loading coil.