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RE: Continuously variable primary

Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <Gary.Lau@xxxxxx>

Hi Tim:

I've not given any significant thought to the specific mechanism used to
elevate one of the primary coils.  I only meant to point out that such a
mechanism which involves no moving electrical contacts would be easier
to construct than one that continuously makes contact with a spiral
coil.  Yes - armchair coiling is easy ;-)

Regards, Gary Lau

> Original poster: Tim S <stm800@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>> A far simpler approach would be to construct
>> two conventional flat primary coils, joined in the center with a
>> length of flexible cable, and have a mechanism to vary the separation
>> between them. This will vary the mutual inductance, and consequently,
>> the net inductance of the two coils in series. The achievable
>> adjustment range is probably equivalent to a couple of turns, and
>> should be sufficient for fine tuning. Rough tuning would be achieved
>> tapping the upper and lower coils in the traditional sense, with
>> off.
>> Regards, Gary Lau
> hi gary ,
> i like this idea you presented.i find it intriguing.
> would it be possible for you to draw a little sketch?
> you could email me off list.
> thanks  tim