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tesla coil (I have one working, kind of)

Original poster: "richard jackson" <aiiadict@xxxxxxxxx>

35kv supply from a CGA monitor...

HV lead disconnected from the tube, connected
to one half of spark gap

tube ?grounding? connected to the other half of the
spark gap.

power it up (from about 20 feet away... I dont want
to die)

The spark gap oscillates at somewhere around
15hz, very little change occurs by widening or
lessening the gap.

We put a copper rod on the end of an 8 foot wood
pole, and got it next to the "toroid" on top.  We get
1 to 2" thin blue sparks.

I'm looking for the following information:

1)how to construct a GOOD power supply with
TV, monitor, or microwave parts

2)how to accurately measure and tune both primary
and secondary coils.