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Re: Continuously variable primary

Original poster: "Scott Hanson" <huil888@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Ken -

One of the coils at the '01 Nor-Cal Teslathon had a similar arrangement for adjusting the primary L. I don't remember if it was set up Saturday or Sunday, but the secondary got toasted by a huge flashover/racing arc during the initial attempt to run the coil. It was somewhat similar to your proposal, but used a grooved roller to ride the copper-tube primary. I think the entire primary coil was rotated via a gear motor, and the roller arm was fixed. I've got photos somewhere ........ (pre-digital camera era for me).

Scott Hanson

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I'll prevail on Terry to re-post http://hot-streamer.com/temp/TCHTUNE.JPG,
embellished a bit from yesterday.  I've added stiffening flanges on the
contact-carrier and springs to provide contact pressure.  Plus, a few
misc. other changes (including a color change from the inadvertent yellow:
to get it into jpg I have to screen-save in pcx, then invert all the
colors, then save to jpg in the new colors).