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Re: sebpt coil

Original poster: "Barton B. Anderson" <bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Deano,

Yes, Kurt Schraner has built a Seibt Coil. Here is a schematic.

Note the Induction coil. Kurt built his own induction coil to generate the 40 or 50 kV needed and also built lossy bottle capacitors to aid in the corona (in this coil, you want the corona).

I started building a Seibt Coil myself, but I have yet to finish it. I have everything except the high voltages. Here are some pics of my Seibt Coil still awaiting first light.


The outer brass wires are connected to springs on each end. This really helps with the wire fastening, positioning, etc.. Kurt is the one who tried springs first. I decided to implement them on both top and bottom ends of the wire to the brass rods. The brass rods are toilet gizmo's at the hardware store. I simply cut off the threaded ends. It's in the garage now and it keeps staring at me with the look of "when you gonna finish me?". Well, soon I hope. I really want to wind my own induction coil as Kurt did (for the experience and for the Seibt Coil).

Here is a pic of Kurts Seibt in action.

It's really cool to see the waveforms of the coil within the corona of the coil itself. That is essentially what is going on between the coil and the brass wires (which are connected to ground). The idea is to attain the corona and not flash over to the ground wires. Kurt is really the guy to talk to about all this.

Take care,

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: d dean <deano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I have been trying to find info on a sebpt coil, I remember it being
mentioned on the list not too long ago. I can not find anything,
probably don't know how to spell the word. Can anyone tell me how to
spell it correctly?