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Re: sebpt coil

Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Deano.

Ich am just guessing, but I think you meant
an Seibt coil? A relatively thin, long, helical coil, several
times the lengts of the wave that is used to excite it.
Parallel to the coil, there is a grounded wire in some distance.
In the dark you can see corona where there is high potential,
low current, e.g. 1/4l, 3/4l etc.
Kurt Schraner built a very nice one, but the link I had was old
and didn't work anymore.
His page can be found at:
If you send him an e-mail I am sure he will give you more information.

Hope this helped.


Christoph Bohr

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> Original poster: d dean <deano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> hi
> I have been trying to find info on a sebpt coil, I remember it being
> mentioned on the list not too long ago. I can not find anything,
> probably don't know how to spell the word. Can anyone tell me how to
> spell it correctly?
> Thanks
> deano