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I did the same, except I used feeler gauges instead of playing cards (although playing cards sounds perfect). I've done the drill hole methods and using a 2 part epoxy resin to adhere the tubes to "whatever" ensures an accurate distance between each electrode. I've never had one come apart from heat or anything like that (although I have deliberately torn it apart to rebuild it for a different pipe size). The two end tubes I drilled holes at their ends for attaching screw terminals.

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I glued mine down, but I used to space them with playing cards while the glue dried. If the holes were oversized, That might work during tightening the bolts too.



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Hello List Members
Does anyone have any suggestions or know any tricks as fare as drilling the pipe sections and pvc pipe so that the segments are evenly spaced and plumb
inside the pvc when bolted in.
Thanks in Advance
Al Scott
Hamilton ON. CA.