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Original poster: otmaskin5@xxxxxxx I'm a relative newbie coiler, but have had this method work well for me - although it took about a week's timespan to complete the project.

1. Epoxy the first pipe inside the the PVC.
2. After the epoxy is solidly cured, drill screw holes through the PVC into the copper pipe. 3. Insert screws into the drilled holes, add a small dab of epoxy where the screw exits the PVC. Then add & tighten the nut. The epoxy will keep the nut/screw from loosening later. 4. Epoxy the next copper pipe inside the PVC, right next to the first copper pipe. Lay the PVC on its side so that the copper pipe is held in place by gravity. Insert a credit card between the 2 pipes as a spacer. The credit card thickness is very close to 0.03".
5. Let the epoxy cure until next day.
6. Drill holes through the PVC into the new copper pipe.
7. Add screws, dab of epoxy, tighten nuts, etc.
8 Repeat until you get as many gap segments as you want.

The credit card does a great job in holding proper spacing and keeping pipes parallel. Good luck & safe coiling.

Dennis Hopkinton MA