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Re: NEW? CDE caps

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

We have tested them.  Exact same cap with no lead in the foil connections.

Dr. Resonance

I  received a few days ago some CD caps from Dr.
R , quick service and good looking caps­Thanks Dr. R .
I started to lay then on my pre-drilled Lexan
sheet used to mount them on and they looked a
little small from the spec sheet I had downloaded from CDE.
Not a big difference but to a machinist trained
eye I could see it. Has any one tested the new smaller caps?

OLD   942C20P15K-od-is 1.161, length 1.811

NEW 942C20P15K-F-od-is .975, length is 1.75

Rich , from the middle of Missouri