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of top loads and cpils and lengths Re: Propagation - was blank subject.

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 Much experience, see any good book an antennas, shows that (very roughly)
a half wave of wire, on a long skinny form (classic Tesla Coil
form factor) exhibits the behaviour of 1/4 wave of wire strung out.
cf articles on 'electrically short' and 'comtinuosuly loaded'

'shorter/fatter' form factors tend towards a quarter wave
of wire on the coil actin moire like 1/4 wave strung out.  Such form
factors are more typical of modern Tesla Coils, and, intriguingly,
of Tesla's Colorado Springs coil.

For a coil set up for sparks, its not clear how significant
'resonant lengths' of ware are.  Likewise unclear for attempts
at 'nergy transmission' (non sparking) operation.  Conceptually,
the sparks from the HV end 'spoil' (change) the resonance, making
the wire length of little influence...

Cap hats, in antenna work, can be used on arbitraily short
antennas.  eg NAA, Cutler Maine, has large hats on 1000 foot
masts, on 24.5 KHz.  (I Could not see them, on a visit: the hats
were in the cloud deck that day....  1000 feet IS short at
24.5 KHz.)