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Variacs for Sale

Original poster: Ben McMillen <spoonman534@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,
  I've got a few variacs for sale.. specs are as follows:

Unit 1:
Powerstat 1266
230/115V  1phase 50/60 Hz
9A max output, 2.4k KVA
Price: $45 + shipping

Unit 2:
General Radio Variac Type W50M
This variac is fully enclosed
Rated at 120V input / 140V output @40A max
Price: $100 + shipping

This unit appears to have been run somewhat hot, but the windings are intact.. The only other problem is that the brushes are gone.. (this one's crated and ready to go!)

Unit 3:
General Radio Variac, Type 50-B
230V Input @ 7KVA
Rated for 20A, but says it can take 31A peak
Also crated and ready to be shipped..
Price: $150 + shipping

Please contact me off list if interested (and ONLY if interested). I've been having problems with intersted buyers backing out at the last minute. I need to get these out of the way since all they're doing is taking up space.


Coiling In Pittsburgh
Ben McMillen

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