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Re: Pole Pigs

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I'll bet there were plenty lying around on the ground
in the New Orleans vicinity shortly after last August
29! Of course there would have been the issue of da-
mage from the "fall" coupled with water damage after
the fall. Not sure that I'd want to be caught picking up
pole pigs after a natural disaster, though. Some might
consider it looting. You may consider this a little too
far, but I know of a transformer remanufacturer in
Greenwood, MS that will take your order over the
phone and have it ready for you to pick up in 2 to
3 days. I'm in Memphis and my local utility dosen't
give out trannies either (they have their own trans-
former repair shop) so that's how I come across this
place in Greenwood and I have gotten a couple of pigs
from them in the past. The last time that I got one (some-
time in 2004, I believe) it was $300 for a 15 kVA,
14400/240 volt single phase unit. I'm figuring they have
probably gone up a bit since then though since the cost
of petroleum has gone up so much in recent months
and transformer oil is obviously a petroleum product; so I'm pretty sure they'll pass that extra cost right on along to the customer. Respond to me off list if you'd like more info about this transformer supplier.

David Rieben

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Subject: Pole Pigs

Original poster: "Daniel Seidel" <dfseidel@xxxxxxx>
Anyone got some leads for locating a pole pig in
South Louisiana? --Slemco (my local power supplier)
is paranoid about getting rid of 'em.  Thanks.