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Re: New coiler, also in search of 15kv

Original poster: "Karl L." <karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Jim, all;

Many coilers just cannot buy a NST from a distributor. eBay, and the lucky find may be the only reasonable methods for some. In the Northeast, for example, distributors balk at selling NST's to anyone but licensed electricians or Neon Sign shops. If you are patient, you can usually get a decent NST from eBay.

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Original poster: "Drake Schutt" <drake89@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi, I too am planning to build a tesla coil over the summer. While ebay is alright, the bidding wars can cause major headaches. Does anyone have a NST @ 15KV, 30 or better yet 60ma they would be willing to sell?

-Drake in Memphis

Folks.. I'm not sure eBay is a good way to buy a neon sign transformer. They're heavy, and by the time you add in shipping, you might be better to just buy one brand new from a local distributor. A cursory glance shows several 15kV/30mA transformers for about $40-45 plus another $10 in shipping plus another buck or two in insurance.
There's another one that is $60+$25 shipping.